Jill Collins, President

Jill Collins, President


Welcome to the new and improved website of the Kentucky Association for Gerontology (KAG). KAG is an organization with a long rich history. Since its beginnings in 1969 as the Kentucky Gerontology Society, KAG has been on a mission to make this Commonwealth better for older adults, caregivers, and professionals who dedicate their lives to working with older adults. It is KAG’s desire to continue this rich heritage as a renewed commitment to serve is ignited.

My name is Jill Collins and I currently serve as KAG’s President. I have been a KAG member and/or on the KAG Board for many years. I am excited about the future of KAG and the future of the aging field. It is my pleasure to serve as your President during this period of change for aging, for KAG, and for the professionals working in the field of aging. As the older adult population continues to increase and life expectancy continues to shift on an upward trend, the work and support of organizations like KAG must continue.

KAG’s mission is “to advocate, educate and network with vision for and with older adults and those who impact their lives.” I invite you to join us in our efforts to serve our communities and our profession. Learn about the benefits of KAG as you view this website. Hopefully, you will consider becoming a member if you are not currently. More importantly, I hope the call to serve will encourage you to consider becoming a KAG Board member. We need more professionals to join us in guiding the organization to the future of aging. We need older Kentuckians and advocates to merge their vision with KAG’s Board so that we can, together, make the future of aging better for all Kentuckians.

Enjoy the website. Learn about KAG. Be inspired to join.