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Greetings!  My name is Beth Bobo and I have bBeth Boboeen elected as KAG president.  I have worked at the Green River Area Development District Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living for 23 years.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve as KAG president for 2013. KAG is a great organization with a rich history of advocating for needed services for older adults in Kentucky.  I look forward to working with the caring and talented KAG Board members from across the state.  I am also excited to work with new KAG members as well as the “seasoned” members.

Advocates and those who serve the older population are aware of many challenges that face our older adults.  Services are stretched to the max; and unfortunately many older Kentuckians who are in need of services to stay in their own homes are placed on waiting lists. This does not include the baby boomer generation who will be knocking at our doors in the very near future.   I look forward to continuing to adavance KAG’s mission statement which is to advocate, educate, and network with vision for and with older adults and those who impact their lives.  I see KAG as continuing to work with our legislators educating them on the needs of our older adult population and advocating strongly for our most vulnerable older adults.  I also envision KAG to continue its important partnerships with AARP, Area Agencies on Aging and Independent Livings, the many service providers who provide needed services to our older population, educators who provide important research and train those who choose to work in the various gerontology fields, and with the Department for Aging and Independent Living.

I would also like to invite new and seasoned members to become active in KAG by choosing to work on any of our various committees such as membership, public policy or communication.  I look forward to an exciting year.

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